Why do I have a blog dedicated to career advice for women?

The reason for this blog

This is a blog with career advice for women. Multiple times per week I hunt for and am in hot pursuit of online articles geared for women in the workplace. I want to not only be the best employee, supervisor, and worker bee that I can, but I also want to get ahead. And I know I am not alone in wanting to get ahead. To get that raise. To get that next promotion. To make it big! So as I am on this quest to find this information by reading all of these articles, I realize that I want to share the wealth... or wealth of knowledge rather. I already give career guidance and coaching to close friends and family members, so I consider this blog to be an extension of that arm... Only better because it's not just me writing these articles. It's the career professionals who know what they are talking about. Those people who have been in our shoes. Those who take the time to share with others their career expertise. So please bookmark my blog and visit often. Let me know what you want to hear about. Let me know if you find some of this information useful. And above all else, I hope that you feel empowered to translate into actions the lessons you learn from reading these articles.